Points Score Calculation

Each swimmer in the club is awarded points for swimming at Club Meets.  These points add up and at the end of each season.  The total number of points accumulated by a swimmer determines whether she or he qualifies for a point score trophy or pennant in a particular category.

Points are awarded for all swims, excluding Championship races, from the first meet of the season to the last meet of the season.

The categories are determined by stroke and age.

Category A

Category A includes separate point scores for the sprint races in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly, as well as the individual medley, in the following age groups


Age Up Date

The age of a swimmer is taken as at 1 March. E.g. in 2013/2014 season the date is 1 March 2014. This is not the same as the school Age Up Date of 1st January. Hence a swimmer with a January or February birthday will have a different age at Club to the one at School.


Parents do not have a seperate point score. For parents who swim, points are earned in the '17 years and over' age category.

Category B

Category B covers our long distance races and includes a combined score for freestyle (200m, 400m and 800m), breaststroke (200m), backstroke (200m) and butterfly (200m) in an Open age category only.

Points are calculated against a swimmer's 'best time' for that stroke and not for placings.  The 'best time' means the best time recorded by a swimmer during the last ten (10) Club meets, even where that means that the time was recorded during a meet that took place in the previous season.

Points Allocation

A swimmer automatically earns one point by swimming (competing) in a race, but earns additional 'performance points' as follows:


Performance Points

Time slower than best time by more than 5 seconds 0
Time between 1.01 and 5 seconds outside best time 1
Time between best time and 1 seconds outside best time 2
Time between 0.01 and 1 second better than best time 3
Time between 1.01 and 2 seconds better than best time 4
Time more than 2 seconds better than best time 5

The maximum number of points a swimmer can therefore earn for a particular swim is 6 points - 1 point for competing plus 5 performance points.

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